::Upcoming Summer Events::

Next Village Art Faire: Sunday August 3rd, 2014







San Clemente Chamber Presents: Fiesta!

Sunday August 10th


 Art by: http://www.gavinarts.com/












The Toll Roads

Enjoy everything San Clemente has to offer by spending less time on the road and more time in San Clemente with The Toll Roads.

No account necessary – drive the 73, 133, 241 or 261 Toll Roads to (event name), then pay within 48 hours after driving on The Toll Roads using One-Time-Toll™. Tolls can be paid online at thetollroads.com or by using The Toll Roads app. For more information, visit The Toll Roads.

For frequent drivers of The Toll Roads a FasTrak® or ExpressAccount™ is the most convenient way to get to San Clemente. See you on The Toll Roads!


toll roads

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